Night and Day Murals
Lee DePue
Muralist / Artist / Illusionist
"My daughter Sydney adores her Starscapes ceiling by Lee DePue.
Whenever she has someone new to show it off to, she gets so excited.
She loves to lay and try to find the constellations, and especially loves her own Saggitarius above her bed.
She started sleeping all night in her own bed, and has redecorated her whole room to go along with the ceiling.
We have all gotten so much enjoyment out of it!"
- Tammy S.    Nashville, TN
The following two letters are from a couple that wanted an Original StarScapes Illusion on their bedroom ceiling. Kathy is confined to her room due to health, and Alvin is completely devoted to her care. I just knew that StarScapes would make some kind of impact on their lives, but I had no idea really.

You know I spend lots of time in my room. I look forward to night-time because the sky comes to life, and suddenly, my small room is very large, thanks to you. I wake during the night and am hypnotized by the stars. It's heavenly in more ways than one. It's heavenly gazing into the Heavens."
- Kathy G.    Hendersonville, TN

Dear Lee,
The night sky on our ceiling has changed life in the Grisham household. Kathy wants LIGHTS OUT earlier, and if I stay up, I must use a flashlight in that end of the house! We could surely give a testimonial, and for anyone confined to a room, it actually changes Quality of Life.
Thanks so much for your continued friendship and for the difference you've made in our home. I can't imagine a more wonderful gift."
- Alvin G.       Hendersonville, TN
"You did a great job and I'm so happy..."
- Shannon S.    Nashville, TN